Once upon a time there was a dashing young blogger named Kyle Langan who dreamed of finding the perfect shoe.

He determinedly searched his favorite stores and the interwebs to find a product he wasn’t sure existed, but he remained optimistic nonetheless.

Always the nautical nerd, he craved a shoe that encapsulated his coastal sensibilities, but that also would stand up to the “harsh” weather of Los Angeles (and the Hamptons!) in the winter. Traditional boat shoes didn’t offer quite enough warmth or weight, and sometimes boots weren’t quite fashion-apropos. He felt stuck. Lost. Betrayed.


One morning, on Christmas Day no less, he was presented with a box that contained the solution to his fashion woes. The box, appropriately, was from Sperry.

As he lifted off the lid and threw the delicate tissue paper across the room to reveal the box’s contents, Kyle nearly squealed with delight. Before him laid an exquisite, perfect amalgamation of his cherished boat shoe and a sturdy winter boot: the Original Lug Boat Shoe.

Heavy, thick, and rugged on the outside, Kyle knew the shoe would fearlessly lead him into unknown adventures, no matter what the weather would hold. Waterproof leather (chic!) and a non-marking rubber lug made for no-slip traction would ensure style and safety.

Inside however, the cushy sole with EVA cushioning and moccasin construction ensured that his feet would essentially be lounging on a beachside chaise all day. The shoe was the best of so many worlds: tough yet cozy, boat shoe yet boot, Hamptons yet Hollywood.

What more could you want?

Kyle paired the lug boat shoe with a tailored pair of khakis, a classic white shirt, and a faux leather jacket to add a bit of edge. The result? A stylish and sophisticated, yet casual and capable look that would be appropriate for any occasion other than black tie.

You can shop the Sperry Lug Boat Shoe here to make your own fairy tale come true.

Sperry Lug Boat Shoe - Kyle Langan, Hamptons to Hollywood

Sperry Lug Boat Shoe - Kyle Langan, Hamptons to Hollywood

Sperry Lug Boat Shoe - Kyle Langan, Hamptons to Hollywood

Sperry Lug Boat Shoe - Kyle Langan, Hamptons to Hollywood


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