How do you style men’s boots when in the city? I have all the answers.

Greetings from the depths of winter! Yes, it’s chilly in not only the Hamptons, but also Hollywood. The stigma that it’s ALWAYS 75 degrees in California is a LARGE misconception because in the bowels of January, the weather leaves quite a bit to be desired. Thus, in order to protect your tootsies, boots are a must.

Though I never used to be a big fan of boots, they’re great for not only warmth, but because they add a level of ruggedness to any outfit. Lumberjacks rejoice! You can still be stylish!

The boots I’m wearing are from Sperry (aka my favorite brand of all time) and their boots are great because they’re a company that understands how to keep your feet dry when your shoes are wet. What’s more is that these boots in particular (and many others in their boot collection) are super versatile. I’ve worn these to play in the snow in Mammoth, worn them in the rare rainstorm that LA likes to surprise Angelenos with in February, and of course, around the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles during the chillier months. They’re super masculine, but don’t skimp out on style. And let me just say one more time: THEY ARE VERY WELL MADE.

If I may impart bit of advice? The choice of pant when paired with boots is tricky. You don’t necessary want to cover the boots with your pants because if the boots are cool and you like them, you wanna show those puppies off! Tucking your pantalones into the boots is fine, but if you want to elevate the look a bit, cuff your pants until they casually lie a bit lower than the top of the boot’s opening. It’s loose, yet sophisticated, and gives the illusion that you don’t care too much, which is the ultimate Hamptons to Hollywood style hack.

Try it out! Snag a pair of my boots, but in a shorter cut, HERE.

Kyle Langan boot fashion Sperry

Kyle Langan boot fashion Sperry

Kyle Langan boot fashion Sperry


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