Let’s get S O U P Y.

Honestly, I could not have been more excited about my latest dietary adventure. After working with Soupure last year for a mini-cleanse, I was beyond stoked when they reached out to me again, wondering if I wanted to take my love for “soup-ing” to the next level.

Obviously, I said yes.

If you’re not familiar with Soupure, it’s a Brentwood-based company that offers Soup Cleanses in lieu of the popular Juice Cleanses. While juice cleanses can be effective in shedding weight, they often leave you malnourished and, well, miserable. A Soup Cleanse on the other hand, ensures your body is getting a variety of nutrients, it’s more satiating, and warm soup in the winter – it’s like the ultimate comfort food.

The Healthy Foundation Reset, however, combines Soupure’s usual cleanse, but ups the ante with three daily teas to consume in conjunction with the soups. Both the teas and the soups are crucial in cleansing the body of impurities and setting your bod back on track for the healthy baseline where it needs to be.

MONDAY 1.30.2017

6:30 AM
I woke up, tired AF for some unknown reason, and to be honest, ever the slightest bit hungover. However, I justify drinking the day before as a way of PURPOSELY tarnishing my body so that I could reap all the benefits of having the cleanse work to its fullest potential to eradicate my body of what I call “tequila toxins”. I rolled out of bed (begrudgingly), stumbled into my bathroom, and after being frighteningly alarmed by my ghastly appearance in the mirror, brushed my teeth and dressed myself to the best of my ability. If you need dental services, see Century Smile Dental website and get the best experience.

I grabbed my first Soup from the fridge as I waltzed into the kitchen and took my first sip. Okay, listen it was REALLY good. The Superhero Soup is a blend of five different nuts and seeds, dates, maca root, reishi, and dandelion tea. I’m not sure what half of those ingredients are, but the taste was creamy, rich, and dare I say luxurious (?) Honestly, a good way to start the morning. I brewed my Energy Tea in conjunction with my soup – a mix of black tea, lemon verbena leaves, lemongrass, grapefruit, lime, and pink grapefruit peel – and sipped as I headed out to my Monday morning meeting.

1:00 PM
To be completely honest, I was feeling like a huge pile of trash at this point. I was tired, I hadn’t had any coffee, and was drowning myself in water 1) to combat my hangover and 2) in an attempt to keep myself from eating my arm because I was getting PRETTY hungry.

For lunch though, I pulled out my Heal Soup, warmed it in a bowl, and enjoyed. It was actually really tasty and comforting. Heal is comprised of zucchini, which is one of my fave veggies, basil, and roasted garlic. Like, how can you not be turned on by those ingredients? It was good.

2:30 PM
I was becoming hungry again. However, after consulting with the wonderful staff at Soupure, who are totally awesome and have a more “help you feel great” demeanor rather than turning profit off of their product, they told me that supplementing with some basic solids was A-okay. I chose a lean, boneless, skinless chicken breast that I seasoned with salt, pepper, and lemon juice and a side of steamed spinach. This totally hit the spot.

6:30 PM
Dinna soup time! Rebuild Soup was on the menu; asparagus, leek, pasilla pepper, and smoked paprika. This baby had some H E A T, which I totally enjoyed. And with the little pieces of asparagus in the soup, it gave the meal some texture.

I promptly went to bed at 7:30 PM that night because I was exhausted. Between a mix of drinking the night before, probably being dehydrated, and not consuming as much food as I was used to, my body said “F**k You” and passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Day 1 Overall Feeling: 4/10


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