Okay, listen, I’m going to get a little real.

I wanted to personally write this post to let everyone know how amazed I was at this seemingly miraculous ALL NATURAL elixir that almost immediately eradicates all forms of intestinal discomfort.

Here’s the story: two Fridays ago I thought I’d treat myself to a night in and order an oversized bowl of poke all to myself while watching reruns of Girls as I anxiously awaited the upcoming farewell season. Said poke bowl came to the door, I enjoyed thoroughly, yet the next day, I felt like I was getting murdered. My stomach was in disarray, if you know what I mean, and I could not get my shit together, so to speak.

This went on for a solid week, until last Sunday when things really came to a head. I woke up, bewildered, in pain and had to check out pain management tallahassee. Upon calling my Mother to deliver this news, she instructed I mix together 2 ounces of Olive Oil and 2 ounces of Lemon juice and drink the potion immediately. Confused, yet obedient, I crawled into my kitchen, concocted said elixir, and shot it down my gullet, pretending it was tequila. The taste was interesting; not bad nor good, just unusual, and with that, I climbed back into bed.

No joke, within twenty minutes, my stomach pain was COMPLETELY GONE.

After doing more research into the recipe, I discovered that it acts a lubricant for digestive mucus and helps everything pass through you a bit easier. Its properties act as a natural antibiotic that aid in intestinal discomfort. Plus, it cleans the liver and gallbladder as well. I recommend everyone try this old home remedy not only for a preventative little weekend cleanse, but also as a great way to counteract any stomach pain in the future until you can see a doctor to find out what’s really up. Cheers!


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  1. Being someone who has dealt with chronic IBS and intestinal issues most of my life I was willing to try anything so I looked into essential oils. Lemon has been a life saver. I put 3 drops in my big cup of water every day and I also use it to cook. Delish when I use it on salmon and in salads. I do use other oils but LEMON is my new best friend. Highly recommend squirting some in your water.

    • hamptonstohollywood

      Totally agree. It’s the best! Glad you found it helpful too 😉

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