What to Pack for the Hamptons | Autumn Guide

When you’re deciding what to pack for the Hamptons, you have to be seasonally appropriate. Autumn is arguably the best time to visit the Hamptons, except for summertime. The air is crisp, it’s not as touristy, and and it provides the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

But when you’re deciding what to pack for the Hamptons for Autumn, the dress code is much different. Think crisp white shirts instead of flow-y beach tunics, understated elegance instead of barely-there bathing suits, and camel jackets instead of flip flops.

1) A Camel Coat

It doesn’t have to be a trench, per se, but a camel coat is the perfect way to downplay luxury. It goes with everything and adds a little je ne sais quoi to any sartorial choice.

2) Boots

Fall means it’s finally the season for boots in the Hamptons! Don’t make them too hefty; it’s not winter yet, after all. But cute knee-high boots or a Chelsea boot easily elevate your outfit without trying too hard.

3) Color Palette: Beige and White

The “Beige and White” color pairing are to Autumn in the Hamptons as the nautical “blue and white” color combo are to summer in the Hamptons. You can’t go wrong with coupling these colors.

4) Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks are underrated, perfectly preppy, and give a polished look without appearing stuffy; and that’s the perfect tone you’re trying to strike when in the Hamptons, regardless of season.

5) Jeans & Loafers Combo

Do we need to say anything else? It’s just a great choice.

6) A Preppy Crewneck

An Ivy League-inspired crewneck that oozes casual luxury? Where could you possibly find such a garment? Lucky for you, our newest Crewneck Capsule Collection just dropped. And they look good on everyone.

7) Shorts & Long Sleeves Combo

It’s almost time to say goodbye to shorts, but not without a fight. Get leverage out of your summer bottoms and pair them with a crewneck, cable knit sweater, or cashmere long sleeve shirt. Again, it’s casual, but elevated. That’s the secret to dressing in the Hamptons



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