Thomas Bachtler, an LA-based medical wunderkind and good friend of Hamptons to Hollywood, knows how to make you salivate. Aside from his skills in the Operating Room healing patients every day, he also happens to be a stellar chef (?) Well, alright, maybe not chef per se, but when he wants to impress guests at a party he’s throwing, or if he’s winding down after a long day at the hospital, he whips up his famous popcorn.

And yes, it’s famous. It’s become his trademark, his calling card, his culinary pièce de résistance. And it’s addicting. So addicting and delicious in fact, we thought it only appropriate to highlight this delectable snack food so that all of our readers can enjoy and partake in this health-conscious treat that is perfect for any occasion. A touch sweet, a little savory, this snack hits all the right notes.

* Salt
* 2-3 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil
* 2-3 Tablespoons of Spanish Olive Oil
* A handful of Parmesan Cheese

Get To Work
1. Pop your kernels – we recommend an air popper to cut down on microwave radiation & for a fresher popped taste.
2. Pour your popped corn into a large bowl & drizzle with Coconut & Olive Oil.
3. Sprinkle with Salt and Cheese.
4. The fun part! Mix with your hands or wooden spoon so that each kernel is mixed evenly to have a bit of each ingredient on it. Add more oil in even amounts if necessary.

Stuff your face and enjoy! Perfect for snacking at holiday gatherings this season.


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