Remember The Tie Thing? The AMAZING little gem I rocked this past summer on the Queen Mary? It’s looking like Hamptons to Hollywood is quite the tastemaker as the product will be featured in this year’s Oscars® Nominee Gift Bags!

The Tie Thing brand was featured on the Elvis Duran show this morning, so while everyone is hopping on picking up a few pairs, don’t forget that Hamptons to Hollywood offers a special discount! Just use the code KYLE10 at checkout to save big on this hot little item that’s taking Hollywood by storm. Don’t say I’m not on the cutting edge 😉

This year, the Academy is taking a hint from the Hamptons to Hollywood lifestyle site and doling out the innovative product to their nominees. The “Everyone Wins At The Oscars®” gift bag will be given to non-winning nominees in the major Academy Award categories! Do you know what that means? You and Benedict Cumberbatch could be wearing the same swanky product! How many times do YOU have the opportunity to score some movie star swag!?

Because The Tie Thing is participating in the gift bag being given to this year’s non-winning Academy Award Nominees, the brand is sure to skyrocket quickly, so make sure to get in on this deal now. 

ALSO – don’t forget to check out my simple How-To-Tutorial on how to use your tie thing to make you look as dapper as humanly possible!


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