I love exploring – always have. And yet between my adventures to the Hollywood area and the more coastal regions of LA I call home, I rarely spend time in the middle; i.e. Culver City. So I decided to check it out.


I have this amazing pea coat that always came in so handy during the New York winters, but as you can imagine, in LA, it spends more time in my closet than on my back. As luck would have it though, temperatures TOOK A DIP in Cali recently – and I’m talking chilly – down to like, 68 degrees! Cue song: Let It Go.

A Pea Coat is a staple for the winter season in my opinion. You can always dress it up and wear it over a suit for a fancy night out, or throw it over whatever casual outfit you’re rocking and it can keep you warm it the most laid back situations. However, if you are looking for something more like workwear suit for everyday use, you can visit this custom uniforms page for some workwear suit options to choose from.

My adventure in Culver City, which is impeccably charming by the way, led me to City Hall and The Culver Hotel, which reminded me of New York in the craziest way. Here I was, in sunny LA, and all I could think about when I was going back over the photos was how I totally could have lied to all of you lovely readers and said I was strutting down Fifth Avenue. But I’m genuine like that. It’s why you like me, right?

Anyway – I paired the coat with a business casual look (belt up; business & belt down; casual) with some burgundy shoes to compliment the red vibe I was feeling. I always struggle to find “Boys School Trousers” as good as this but luckily I was able to find it.

How are YOU GUYS keeping warm this holiday season?


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