Back to the beach! Another adventure in the sand with Syndicut’s signature “Blocks” trunks, designed by Fergus McDonnell.

Like the “Mosiac” style trunks, the “Blocks” were just as soft, with Syndicut’s famous “peach-skin” fabric, which sounds exactly like it feels; soft, almost silky, and super comfy. Uber talented photographer and buddy, Andrii, was responsible for all the cool pics, who was assisted by Alla, who was still providing lots of laughs throughout the day.

I even took the trunks for a little dip in the water to test out their sea-worthiness and I gotta say, they lived up to every expectation – quick drying and easy to move in. Syndicut’s suits are great to purchase this time of year so you have a perfect suit all ready for next summer, or to wear during a fun hot tub night during the chilly months with friends…or that special someone…(*wink, wink*)

“Blocks” are perfect for the Hamptons because they have that certain pizazz that really makes you pop among New York’s finest, but they also go great with LA culture because they’re just eclectic and fun enough to make you fit in whether you’re in Venice or Malibu.

Shop the entire collection HERE and check out Andrii’s website & get in touch with him for all your photo needs; events, headshots, and lifestyle!


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