I get a hard time for wearing ultra-preppy outfits in LA because – as I always hear – I look too “East Coast”. And then I’m all, have you heard of HAMPTONS to Hollywood? That’s the point! Anywho – crew neck sweat shirts can be the ultimate “underground” prep accessory, and when I say underground, what I mean is that you wouldn’t normally think of it being such an accessory.

Abercrombie & Fitch, a brand that has re-fashioned itself to cater to the preppy culture, has lots of pieces like this and I kinda couldn’t turn down this look. It’s different, it’s fun, and it keeps me (and you) looking youthful. However, now that I’m looking at these photos I totally feel like I’m pulling a Hester Prynne right now. (mad kudos if you get that reference) Look at that “A”!


I also recruited my friend Jake, who was looking SUPER stylish as he was just heading to an event in North Hollywood. Blazer on FLEEK.

I paired my crew neck with my favorite pair of khakis and threw on some Chucks for good measure, because it doesn’t get any more classic than that. Being preppy is all about making what’s “old” cool again, because as any true prep knows, quality is essential when picking out pieces to wear. A good prep will shell out a bit more for a great pair of slacks just so they can wear them for years to come.

Mix and match your style and go grab your crew neck for those chilly, looming summer nights!

Keep it light and keep it fun! 🙂


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