Out East this weekend? We’ll be there too. But listen up, ladies! There are a few things you should absolutely not neglect throwing into your duffel…


Hats are kinda the thing right now – every chic beach babe is wearing one. Not only do they deflect the harsh Hamptons sun from infiltrating your pretty mug, but they also make you look ultra decadent while at a soiree or summer barbecue.


The last thing you need is eye damage and don’t selfies always turn out a little better when you’re donning a pair of your favorite sunnies? We recommend at least a pair of aviators and a pair of wayfarer-esque-shaped specs. The first are from Juicy Couture and are a standard aviator shape, which flatter many faces, despite their reputation. The other are a pair of cat-eye Tory Burch sunglasses that will make your bone structure look ON FLEEK. Take your pick, or just grab both!

Cover Up

All Hamptons to Hollywood ladies swim – though the life of luxury is expected, our girls aren’t afraid to jump in the water and get their hair wet. Helllooo, where do you think beach hair came from? So when you’re Pamela Anderson-ing your way from the waves to the sand and need to throw something over yourself, choose one of these. The first is more bohemian, casual, and fun while the other crocheted frock gives some warmth and ever the slightest touch of class.


We’ve always been a fan of jean shorts – especially for girls. They’re the epitome of easy living, but can also be ultra stylish. To go with a more polished look that’s still casual, grab a cuffed pair, or if you’re feeling kinda funky, get something a little destroyed and pair it with a nice blouse to class it up a bit.


Something flouncy and light should definitely be in your bag, as well as something a little more preppy – this is the Hamptons after all. Check out this top Morgan Stewart was donning with details on it at Boobs and Loubs, while Kourtney Kardashian had the perfect alternative to a men’s polo for running errands in your favorite hamlet.


You know you already rsvp’d to that summer party you’ve been dying to go to, so why not make a statement when you arrive? The first dress is quintessential Hamptons, which we love, while the other is a bit more fashion-y, but would look completely cute with some beachy infinity necklace and espadrilles or wedges.


And finally, it all comes down to the shoes, am I right, ladies? We’re liking these wedges from Christian Louboutin, or if you wanna go with something a little more low-key, the espadrilles are the perfect complement to any outfit.

Hats: 1 & 2
Shades: 1 & 2
Cover Up: 1 & 2
Shorts:1 & 2
Top:1 & 2
Dress:1 & 2
Wedges:1 & 2


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      champagne! How could we forget!?

  1. I absolutely loved most of the items you’ve mentioned. These are great tips indeed. Although I’m not going to the Hamptons, I do go to Mauritius Island and the beaches of Clifton, Camps Bay in Cape Town a lot. I will apply those tips there too. Thanks for sharing.

    • hamptonstohollywood

      Thanks for reading, Beatrice!

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