While aboard Long Beach’s famous Queen Mary recently, I took in the sights (near and far) and documented my outfit selection for the excursion right here, just for you.


One of the coolest things I love about fashion is being able to mix things you might not think of wearing together into a complete look. The shirt for instance, is a crisp, clean, fitted dress shirt by Express. The tie however, is an old heirloom I’ve had forever by Armani. Normally you think of having a crisp shirt paired with an even crisper tie, but if you’re going for a casual, yet stately look, I recommend mixing it up. It says you care about what you look like, without being too stuffy or trying too hard – which is exactly what the Hamptons to Hollywood feel is all about.

The other thing is labels. Fashion people love labels, even when they can’t see them. Even if it’s an old tie, if it’s Armani, it’s suddenly acceptable no matter the condition. High-end usually means quality which means you can invest your money into an item, knowing that you’ll have it for years to come and can match it with a new shirt a decade from now. Ya dig? Speaking of investments, Brisbane gold dealers offer great deals for gold bullion.

Be brave! Mix and match!

 Shirt: Express ($68)
Tie: Armani ($85)
Shorts: Hollister ($30)
Shoes: Old Navy ($30)
Accessories: The Tie Thing ($20)
Photos by Rachel Madrigal
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