If there’s ONE THING that absolutely grinds my gears it’s having mismatched socks. It’s probably some mild form of OCD, but whatever; I mean, how hard is it to keep your socks together?!

Thankfully, there is a company out there for those certain individuals who cannot get their undies in order. Related Garments provides his and hers underwear and socks for ladies and guys so you can plan your undergarments out for basically the entire week. Gone are the days when picking our your undies was a chore. Grey and red briefs? There’s a grey and red pair of socks for that. Could it be more simple?

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And c’mon, secretly knowing that your hot coworker cared enough to match their socks to their underwear is kind of, I don’t know, hot, in like a bizarre Patrick Bateman kind of way. You know?

Obviously, it goes without saying that we wouldn’t be a fan of the products if I didn’t try them out for myself – because Hamptons to Hollywood only recommend the best of the best – and guess what? Related Garments ranks prettttty high. First and foremost, it’s the comfort factor. We’re talking fabric that cradles a person’s most delicate cargo; if it’s not baby’s bottom soft, we’re not interested. Thankfully RG breathes, is sturdy (to hold everything together), and is ultra cozy.

OH. And. Related Garments also throws in an amazing garment bag which is amazing for travelers. Literally all you have to do is through your used unmentionables into said bag, then throw the whole thing in the washer and dryer, so it’s IMPOSSIBLE to lose those socks everyone seems to have a problem with. Related Garments is the unequivocal answer to your underwear woes.

You can subscribe to Related Garments and have new undies sent to your door, which is a HUGE plus – because guys never like to shop for underwear. Or you can browse their website and shop for packages you like. And yes, you thought right ladies; the men in your life will LOVE this as a gift. Hello holiday season!

Hamptons to Hollywood - Related Garments - Kyle Langan

Hamptons to Hollywood - Related Garments - Kyle Langan

Hamptons to Hollywood - Related Garments - Kyle Langan


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