My all-time favorite look is casual meets classy; something that says, “I know what I’m doing with style, but I don’t have to break my neck trying to make it work.” Hence, I give you the following look:

This entire look was actually inspired by this amazingly unique tie I found, by Noble Custom, a New York based image consultant base and curator of menswear. The tie itself is soft, yet durable, and has a subtle pattern that makes it stand out, yet also is versatile enough to wear with any outfit, be it casual or corporate.

I love California because you can mix that casual/classy look together so easily and it’s perfectly acceptable wherever you go. Flip-flops and ties? Tell me where else that could possibly go down – (okay, maybe the Hamptons, but I digress). Inspired by recent street fashion photography, I paired the crisp and clean “pink-ness” of the outfit against a grittier backdrop to further the contrast shown in the look. It gives a kind of “prep-school-boy-venturing-into-the-world-for-the-first-time” kinda vibe, which I dig.

Noble Custom has other great pieces besides ties too. Shop their merchandise HERE.

What styles and textures are YOU GUYS mixing together? Share with me in the comments or gimme a shout-out on Twitter!

Kyle Langan - Hamptons to Hollywood - Lifestyle Blog
Kyle Langan - Hamptons to Hollywood - Lifestyle Blog

[Photography via Adam Phillips]


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