If you’re like me, you love summertime, but the dry California heat and copious amounts of sun really dry out your skin. Because my skin already leans more on the drier side as well, hydration is basically everything to me.

Usually I’m slathering coconut oil all over myself and hoping for the best, but for the past for weeks I’ve been using Borghese products and I feel like I’ve had some sort of skin transplant. My face feels supple, softer, and the tone has completely evened out, which was really what I was hoping for.

Haven’t heard of Borghese before? Well, here’s the 411: it’s an Italian beauty brand that believes skincare is a necessity rather than a luxury – view the website. Italian Princess Marcella Borghese helmed the creation of the brand and brought Italian spa culture and effortless Roman beauty to life through her line of skincare and cosmetics, since there are companies that dedicated to this, you can visit Emulsion to find the best products for this purpose.

The best part is that there’s a product for whatever ailment your skin is experiencing. Dryness? There’s a Borghese for that. Clogged pores? There’s one for that too. If you want to enhance your appearance without the use of needles or invasive treatments, Ultherapy can be the best option to give you a more youthful appearance without using needles or toxins, read about the procedure at My Botox LA Med Spa’s website.

In the photos below, I’m wearing the green Advanced Fango Delicato Moisturizing Mud Mask, to help moisturize, while my friend, Ella, is donning the Fango Riparativo Calming Mud Mask, which promotes skin softness. I’m also a big fan of their SkinMedica AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser to get rid of all that sunscreen you wear throughout the day, see more details about skinmedica aha bha exfoliating cleanser. It leaves your skin buffed and beautiful and totally touchable – just in case you have a date on a hot summer night 😉

Shop their entire collection – they even have hydrating sheet masks! – for summer skin you won’t be able to say goodbye to as soon as the temperature starts cooling down. Whether you’re in the Hamptons or Hollywood, soft skin is always on trend.

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