Top Training Tips: Go From Couch Potato To Athlete

Go From Couch Potato To Athlete

The start of the year is always filled with enthusiasm and new year resolutions – especially when it comes to fitness. With the motivation to look your best for a summer in the Hamptons or Hollywood, working out can help incentive you to keep you going. The Hamptons to Hollywood Fitness Program can help you go from couch potato to athlete.

Whether you’ re training for a specific event or goal, or just want to be fitter and healthier and get a Hamptons to Hollywood body, here are some of the top training tips to get started. 

Make sure you have decent activewear and equipment. 

Starting out on any fitness journey may be daunting. However, one of the things that can motivate you to hit the gym is to buy new workout clothes. High-quality activewear make you look and feel better, and appropriate shoes can help you avoid injuries when training.

And even if you don’t want to spend a fortune on clothing or equipment, there are lots of affordable activewear options, like Fabletics, for both men and women, which is a personal favorite of Hamptons to Hollywood Founder, Kyle Langan.

Whether it’s track uniforms for running, or special gym activewear for strength training, the right apparel can make all the difference. Most importantly, make sure you feel comfortable.

For custom workout apparel designed with fun phrases, check out People Wear Me Out.

It’s important to warm up and cool down

Going straight into a run or a full-on exercise can be more beneficial if you warm up first. In the Hamptons to Hollywood Fitness Program, certified personal trainer and strength & conditioning coach, Sean Langan develops workouts customized to your personal goals. Want to know how to lose weight? Want to know the best way to build muscle? Want to know the best way to increase longevity? Whatever your fitness goals, the Hamptons to Hollywood Fitness Program has a plan for you. Sign up for a FREE CONSULTATION with our expert team, HERE.

Know Your Limits

Let’s face it: there’s always a new workout trend. It’s so important to know your limits, increase your exercise intensity gradually, and do workouts that feel good for your body type. At Hamptons to Hollywood, we love tracking our workouts with an Apple Watch to see how many calories we’ve burned and steps we’ve walked in a day.

No pain, no gain

However, as much as a gradual process is good, you still need to ensure that you are pushing yourself at the same time. According to Sean Langan, you didn’t work out properly unless you’re sweating afterward. Even if it’s a 30-minute exercise routine, if you want to see results, you have to push yourself. And seeing ho much you sweat is a good barometer to judge your exertion.

On more tips on how to go from a couch potato to an athlete before summer, arrives sign up for the Hamptons to Hollywood Fitness Program.

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