If you’re ready to take your narcissism to the next level like I always am, I have the perfect solution that mixes fitness with your face – an Aquavation water bottle!


Aquavation was founded by a husband and wife team, Marc and Sarah, who love to keep active. As a cyclist, Marc knows the importance of hydration when working out and more importantly, what his liquid fuel is being carried in. So many bottles nowadays are made with chemicals that you don’t want seeping into your drink or your rock hard bod. But Aquavation’s bottles are durable plastic little gems that don’t stain and are recyclable over time. 

I obviously was overjoyed when I got mine because, hello, there I was front and center. AND personalizing your bottle with your lovely mug ensures that no one will steal it from you (unless you have a stalker) because no one wants someone else’s face on their bottle. AND if you’re a complete klutz like I am, when you drop your bottle, it doesn’t dent like those other metallic or aluminum ones currently on the market. The Aquavation bottle basically bounces off the ground and back into your hand! Seriously.

Because I’m a great humanitarian, I’m going to be sharing the wealth with you lovely readers for my FIRST GIVEAWAY! I’ll be sending out an Aquavation gift card to create your own bottle to whoever tweets out this post and tags me (@KyJoLang) & @Aquavation in it. The winner will be chosen at random, so you have just a good a chance as anyone else to WIN!

Further sales go to benefit the Arthritis National Research Foundation, a foundation I fully support (duh), so spread the word about Aquavation because you’ll be giving back to charity with your next purchase!

Special thanks to Rachel Madrigal for all the great photos! 


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