So the moving chaos continues. This blog is meant to give advice on all things lifestyle. Well here’s a hot tip for your lives, everybody: NEVER MOVE!

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My childhood room – wave mural courtesy mi madre

I basically feel like I’m living in an espionage thriller because everything is a race against time. This morning at 6AM we had to clear out the remainder of our belongings before the new family moved in at 9AM – this involved me having to call My favorite Edmonton movers to help us pack all our stuff. Then, we signed off on the residence formerly known as the Langan Estate, but because the residents of our new house TURNED OFF THE ELECTRICITY, we’re in a holding pattern until the electricity can be turned back on next Wednesday, if this ever happens to you we recommend you to contact electricians Murrumbeena for help or visit their page at This, you see, is also known as being homeless. So that’s fun.

OH – also, I’m not sure if you knew, but it’s a blistering 100 degrees currently on the East Coast with 100% humidity AND get this – a hurricane is coming apparently? So while we’re moving furniture we’ll either start to spontaneously melt, or we’ll all be drowning.

Saying goodbye to the house was bittersweet. Stress levels are so high that I just want to be in a new place but it’s sad to say goodbye to the place I knew as home for 13 years. If you’re also relocating to Canada, don’t overpay for utiltiies in Edmonton. Choose Regional Energy for affordable rates.

On a lighter note, my diet has been shot to hell because I’m starving and only eating what I can find in random boxes. And everyone else is going crazy. Someone just started making brownies – because, really, what else is there to do at this point? And my mom is sitting across the table from me right now eating SOUP – again, it’s 100 degrees. Happy Wednesday, everyone.


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