In the Season 2 premiere of the Hamptons to Hollywood podcast, Kyle Langan sat down with international model and activist, Emily Sears, for a look into her modeling career and activism surrounding women’s equality.

Because March is Embracing Femininity Month on Hamptons to Hollywood, Emily was the perfect guest to share not only her experiences, but how she’s leveraged her large following to drive awareness to women’s issues to her largely male fanbase. Her work, however, has not been without hurdles – which she also goes into detail about. And one such hurdle is quite evident in the episode. A rogue audience member lashed out at Emily during the conversation (and was immediately removed from the venue), and though extremely frightening, was a physical representation of the kind of hate and vitriol women experience daily when certain men project their own twisted ideas of “femininity” onto them.

Emily truly spoke from her heart, bared her soul, and is bravely battling gender stereotypes and fighting for equality between the sexes. We could not be more proud of the work she’s done and are excited to see everything else she will go on to do.

Watch the entire video here:

And listen to the episode here:

**this conversation was originally produced by Town Hall Los Angeles.
Cinematography by Camila Prisco Paraiso


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