Runyon Canyon is one of the best ways to exercise in LA. Glutes? Core? Legs? Check, check check. Here are 5 Do’s and Don’t’s when you’re hitting the cliffs…

1. Peak Selfie
If you don’t take a selfie when you get to the top then what the fuck are you doing with your life? You need to prove to everyone via Instagram how in shape you actually are so the next time you get black-out drunk you have photographic evidence to prove you’re not a COMPLETE waste of life.

2. Bring a Dog
90% of everyone there has some beast on a leash so if you want to fit in and don’t have a pooch of your own, borrow one. It’s A) a great way to meet people and B) a good motivator because dogs climb that shit FAST. Must be cause they have double the legs (?) Plus, they’ll love you for it.

3. Don’t Fall
This will prove difficult especially if it’s your first time. Loose sand, shaky rocks, and extreme athletes running past you at 45 mph? You’re lucky if you don’t eat dirt. But hey, it’ll make for a funny story.

I know I almost got DIEhydrated last time because I was an asshole and didn’t bring any agua with me. Trust me though, you’ll need it, especially if you plan on hiking the whole trail.

5. Lose the iPod
I know, I know, this might be weird because I’m attached to my tunes whenever I work out – but that’s when I’m in a sweaty, crowded gym, not when I’m embracing the open air. Take in the natural sounds and sights. Bring a buddy if you need company, but challenge yourself to unplug for a bit. You’ll be happy you did. (Note: this will also come in handy when above extreme athletes are screaming at you like their mother is dying to get the fuck out of the way.)

If you are more into biking, there are a few bike trails adjacent to the Runyon Canyon. Those who are planning to buy a new electric bike may visit this page.

Happy trails!

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  1. Ray Lopez

    Now how about writing some do’s and dont’s for hiking in Griffith Park … from Fern Dell to Mt. Hollywood.

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