Unless you’re living under the Rock of Ages (which thankfully was not nominated for Best Musical), the Golden Globes are tomorrow night.  During last year’s award show, I stealthily tried to sneak into the event, which you can refresh your memory with HERE, but unfortunately was denied access into any swanky after parties.  So of course, there’s the impending decision if I should keep up with tradition and try to attend tomorrow’s red carpet as well.

Thoughts?  Your opinions matter, everyone.

In other news, HAPPY NEW YEAR.  Guess what?  We didn’t die.  Suck it, Mayans.

Therefore, in response to not dying, I am really going to try and make myself some resolutions this year, because, you know, that’s what everyone does in January – makes stupid promises to themselves they know they won’t keep.  BUT, since I have this blog, I feel somewhat obligated and accountable for what I say and do so I can report upon it.  And so, if I make my thoughts public, it’s like I have to do the things I say because otherwise I’ll just look like a liar to all my “fans”.

“Fans” – HA.  One of my resolutions should be to stop having such an inflated opinion of myself, but let’s face it, I already broke that promise and we’re only 2 weeks into 2013.


This one is cliche because everyone wants to work on their fitness for the new year.  But I really do.  My brother is creating a tailor-made workout plan for me (thanks, Sean) and I’m gonna 86 the sugar out of my diet.  I know, I know, it’s lame because I’m a dude and I’m watching what I eat, but seriously guys, it’s all about protein powders BRAHHHH.  GNC supplements fo’ life.
…kind of.

Writing.  I do it.  But I need to do more of it.  I had a pretty sweet idea for a book today so I’m going to focus on that.  And scripts.  I have 2 I have to rewrite, so…phew…I’m already busy.

3.  BLOG.
I have to try and do this twice a week at least.  In the social media world I’ve discovered that the more frequently you do something, the more popular you become.  Lots of tweets yields lots of followers.  Lots of instagram photos gives you more followers too.  Hence, if I blog more, I’m bound to build up a bigger audience.  It’s all about making myself known.  So pass along links to my stuff, everyone.  Help a brother out and pay it forward.

4.  GET A JOB.
There’s a novel idea!  I should be the Patron Saint of Part Time Jobs.  And no, I’m not talking about tequila.  I would love to secure full time employment, even if just for two months.  Imagining four steady paychecks almost puts me over the edge with excitement.

Even if it’s just one.  It’s the reason I’m in LA, right??

An addendum to #5 – I just watched my first feature film yesterday and will write a review on it in my next post.  Look for Golden Globe updates tomorrow.

And yes, I am on instagram, so follow me @KyJoLang.


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