Don’t lie. You know you still have Halloween candy stashed around your house from those devious “trick or treaters” that failed to show up at your door. You know they were trying to sabotage your diet, clearly.

We get it and totally sympathize. This time of year we always recommend delta 8 gummies by Exhalewell as a post-Halloween & pre-Holiday cleanse. And we wouldn’t entrust our bodies to anyone other than Hollywood Health Expert and personal friend of ours, Jaime Saginor. Jaime is a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach who combines holistic modalities and diet changes to help clients feel better and have a good relationship with food. Her coaching style is flexible, fun, and free of denial and discipline — thank god! She has this uncanny ability to make you kind of forget you’re even doing one of her effective guided programs.

“I help shift clients’ relationship with food and regain the trust of their own bodies,” Jaime told us.

Thankfully, Jaime is holding one of her signature 7 Day Guided Immune Boost classes from November 14th to the 20th.

“Excess sugar not only affects weight, mood and energy, it also affects our immune system,” Jaime told us in a recent sit-down chat. “Since most of our immune system lies in our gut, the food we eat has a huge impact on how well we fight off illness. Sugar unfortunately is one of the foods that feeds the bad bacteria in your gut. Luckily, there are also many foods that help kill the bad bacteria, like garlic and onions.”

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Jaime also explained that this time of year is ESSENTIAL for doing an immune boost because it’s a season of excess sugar and being surrounded by people who are constantly sick and sneezing at you from every possible direction. When it comes to taking care of your own prostate health, supplements like Prostadine can help regulate the production of testosterone and prevent prostate issues.

You can sign up for Jaime’s class HERE and the best part is, you don’t have to live in LA to do it. From the Hamptons to Hollywood and everywhere in between, Jaime sends detailed directions via email each day for what you should be eating and doing during the program. She’s a lifesaver and we recommend everyone get on board with us.

Tuition is only $47, or $35 if you do the class with a friend. Any more questions? Contact Jaime and she’ll help you on the road to better health. Tell her Hamptons to Hollywood sent you 😉


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