Ah yes, now where did we leave off? Oh, right. So, Kate and Kyle headed back up to the room for a little rest and when Jon and I looked across the pool at the other row of tables across from us, we saw none other than the one and only Panda; Enrique. Enrique is our friend from LA who’s just about the nicest, most, fun and wildest you can ever meet. Jon and I headed over to his table, became friendly with Enrique’s friend Ray, and even fell in love with our bottle server, Suzanne, who was the BEST.

After our livers had reached their temporary limit, we exited the Wet Republic party and headed back to the hotel room to briefly decompress. Afterward, while Kyle and Kate bounced over to the Dada Life show, Jon and I headed over to STK, which was just as fun as its LA equivalent. We met the nicest girl sitting next to us at the bar, celebrated with one of the bartender’s because it was his birthday, and even met ANOTHER East Coaster visiting, this one from New Jersey, who promptly bought Jon and I two patron shots, because Jersey is just the best.

Then it was back to XS where Mike and his friends, Yvette and Brittany, were giving us the VIP treatment and showing us around the club. SO FREAKIN’ NICE. Before we knew it, Avicii took the stage. Brittany, who’s bottle service table never showed up, gave the table to me and Jon instead, so we had an entire table to ourselves, front row, at an Avicii concert. WHAT. I mean, it was pretty incredible.

After, we met Enrique back out at another club, which had a bachelorette party happening. 🙂 Turned out the bride-to-be and her cohorts were from LA, so after exchanging some numbers, we left, met back up with Mike and club-hopped some more. We finally made it back to MGM to meet up with Kate and Kyle who were ruling the Blackjack table. After some gambling where we put on practice all what we learn from roulettegames.co.uk, we went back up to the room and passed out, only to be awakened by Kyle and Kate saying we had to leave in 20 minutes. I don’t think I’ve ever moved as fast I did to get ready in my entire life, but hey, we ended up leaving right on schedule. Not too shabby.

The entire weekend totally exceeded my expectations and I could not have imagined doing Vegas any other way. Until next time, you saucy little minx, you.


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