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What’s up, everyone!?

You know, I never really considered myself to be a morning person – especially when I was a kid – but as an adult, I’m kind of getting more and more into it. If there’s a new men’s grooming product I’m excited to use first thing in the morning, or if I’m anticipating making a really delicious breakfast for myself, I’m actually EXCITED to get out of bed.

Who am I?? Is this adulthood??

But here’s the thing. My skin, especially in the winter, is so excruciatingly dry that I can barely function. A day or so after I shave my face, I can literally see pieces of skin start to flake off, which isn’t great when I’m talking about men’s grooming a lot. That may be TMI, but guys, the struggle is real. A good moisturizer for me is an absolute must. I also check if I need heat pump repair so my house is not too dry. And because I have dry skin, I much prefer oils over creams because they replenish the natural oils that my body apparently seems to lack.

BUTTERelixir is basically my all-time favorite skincare brand. The products are high-performing, luxurious without being stuffy, and are ALL NATURAL. What’s not to love? Plus! The brand is made in New York, so I feel closer to home each and every time I use it.

While I’ve always been a fan of their Face Oil, I recently started incorporating their Supreme Creme into my regimen as well, and I gotta tell you: it’s a game changer. I don’t know what I was expecting (because everything from BUTTERelixir is great), but it surpassed my expectations. The Supreme Creme has a thick, paste-like texture, but emulsifies and rubs on like oil the second it touches your body. It’s a perfect compliment to the Face Oil and leaves you feeling super hydrated without being greasy.

Apricot oil, Organic Virgin Rosehip oil, Argan oil, Wild Rose essential oil are the ingredients in the Face Oil, while the Supreme Creme features even more all natural oils and extracts. You can even use the Creme as a hair styling product. It’s truly an amazing two-in-one must-have. And even though BUTTERelixir is great for men’s grooming, the brand’s products are entirely unisex, so they’re great for the entire family.

Check out my latest video on my morning routine:


                               BUTTERelixir Face Oil                                                                     BUTTERelixir Supreme Creme


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