Tips for Long Haul Flights

There is nothing quite as exciting as going on a long flight and knowing your vacation is going to be a fun one. The problem? Long haul flights can be grueling if you aren’t prepared with snacks, activities, or a very good sleeping pill.

Whether you’re traveling from the Hamptons to Hollywood on a flight, or you’re going long-haul to Europe or Asia, we put together some tips on how to have an enjoyable flight.

Prepare Entertainment

It’s really hard to do so, but you do need to stay entertained when you’re on your flight.

Airport Streaming: One tip, while you’re at the airport, is to get your favorite Harry Potter movies streaming, so the boarding process isn’t too unbearable.

Playing Cards: It’s always smart to bring along a deck of cards. Don’t underestimate the power of solitaire.

Headphones: Invest in a reliable pair of noise canceling headphones to block out any loud children (or, let’s face it, boisterous adults).

Books & Audiobooks: We’re also BIG readers at Hamptons to Hollywood, so bringing a new novel on a plane ride can be incredibly transportive to prep you for your holiday.

Books by our Founder, Kyle Langan

Movies & TV Shows: Check if the airline has in-flight entertainment. Downloading some movies to your laptop can help, too, if you know the plane doesn’t come equipped with screens.

Invest in Comfort

Staying cozy – yet chic! – is so important on a long haul flight. Investing in a quality travel pillow and wearing comfortable loose fitting clothing can really make a big difference on a long haul flight. We always recommend layers so that you can adapt to the varying cabin temperatures, especially if you are landing somewhere hot, but taking off from somewhere cold.

Our Hamptons to Hollywood Crewneck Collection are travel-inspired, ultra cozy, and are made with organic and recycled materials, so they’re also ethically made.

    Move Around

    A long haul flight can be very taxing on the body – being sedentary is NOT cute – so you need to make sure that you stretch your legs and stay as mobile as possible throughout the journey. It may feel like a challenge to move around in a confined space, like your seat, but there are lots of stretches that you can do with your legs and feet in regular intervals.

    Flexing your muscles and rotating your ankles can improve your blood circulation. Moving around the cabin may not always be a possibility, especially if the flight is a long haul one or is especially turbulent, but take the opportunity to stand and stretch when you can. This will help you to keep your muscles active and stop any potential blood clots from forming.


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