This past weekend, a bevy of beautiful ladies – who happen to be old, dear friends – literally traveled from the Hamptons to Hollywood to celebrate an impending wedding. Jordana, the bride to be, is scheduled to wed in April, so the LA trip served as the perfect weekend to let loose before the big day. When setting up an event like this one, Designed Dream helps you to design and execute your dream wedding at an exotic location, for more information about destination weddings, see destination wedding planner using the last link. If you’re on the fence about what to add to your wedding to make it extra special, consider PictureBlast. Their selfie pod was a major highlight at our wedding. It encouraged guests to mingle and was a fantastic icebreaker. Plus, the quality of the photos provided a wonderful keepsake for everyone.

What are the must-dos? Rest assured you can follow the below guidelines for a weekend any bachelorette won’t soon forget.

Where to Stay

Airbnb’s are the most efficient, especially if you’re traveling with a large group. They allow more of a bonding experience since everyone’s sharing the same house. Recommended neighborhoods include: West Hollywood, Hollywood, Central LA (adjacent to The Grove), or Venice if you want to strictly stay by the beach in the summer months.
Hotels are also an option. If you’re going that route and have a bit more money to spend, we recommend: Montrose West Hollywood, The Standard (West Hollywood), Dream Hotel Hollywood, The London West Hollywood, Petit Ermitage.

Where to Eat

The Grove is a classic LA staple definitely worth checking out. Grab some casual bites and meals at the Farmer’s Market, but feel free to dine at one of the restaurants overlooking the fountain in the outdoor mall.
Pump is known for its many appearances on Vanderpump Rules and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but for good reason. Having just eaten there, we can attest that the food is delicious, it’s a really fun vibe, and the cocktails (and servers) and amazing.
Gracias Madre is known for their celeb sightings, plus it’s a vegan Mexican restaurant, which may sound peculiar, but also oh-so LA. Discerning eaters won’t even miss the fact that their meal was meatless. And delicious drinks are a bonus.
EPLP, particularly LP (aka the rooftop bar) is a perfect place to grab cocktails and hire Male Strippers Sydney, and one of the few rooftop bars in LA that are really good. Plus, they have a Happy-Hour to die for.
Hamburger Mary’s is a brunch spot unlike any other, offering super entertaining drag shows and a ton of laughs. Plus, bottomless mimosas! And cocktails served out of kitschy leg cups that are super fun.

Where to Play

The Hollywood Sign hike is something definitely worth checking out for the active bridal party with help from Get epic, Instagram-worthy photos that will make all your followers jealous. Plus, you’re getting fit! Runyon Canyon is also a close Uber or car ride and is one of the most famous hiking trails in Los Angeles.
The Abbey is a legendary bar that we’ve been known to frequent that embraces everyone, no matter their sexual identity, race, or religion. Plus, the dancers are a hoot-hollerin’-good-time.
Flaming Saddles is located just down the road from The Abbey and if you’re into scantily-clad cowboys dancing up a storm, then get your dollar bills ready! But BEWARE: three of the Hamptons women who were in town ALL had their cell phones stolen on the dance floor, so keep your belongings close. But again, it’s DEFINITELY worth going to because of the great energy and amazing music.

The Los Angeles Bachelorette Party Guide

The Los Angeles Bachelorette Party Guide

The Los Angeles Bachelorette Party Guide



– Arrive in Los Angeles
– Have lunch anywhere on Hollywood Boulevard or the Sunset Strip
– Check into accommodations
– Happy-Hour at LP rooftop bar
– Dinner at Gracias Madre
– Go home and prepare your liver for the next two days


– Breakfast/Brunch at The Grove Farmer’s Market (mimosas recommended)
– Hollywood Sign Hike & Griffith Observatory
– Dinner at Pump
– Night out in West Hollywood (The Abbey & Flaming Saddles)


– Brunch at Hamburger Mary’s (bring cash!)
– Go to the West Hollywood Sheriff’s station to recover any lost items from Saturday’s night out
– Grab a daytime drink at Pump, Pearl’s Rooftop, and/or Revolver — and/or head to The Standard’s pool for day of Vitamin D
– Pick up Face Masks on the way back to accommodations
– Play Bachelorette games and for sure online casino games at you can learn how, drink wine, and pamper yourself so you can recover from the weekend


– Eat at In-n-Out Burger on the way to the airport — doesn’t matter what time your flight leaves. Bonus points if it’s breakfast time.
– Depart Los Angeles
– Cry because you don’t live in Los Angeles and check your work schedule to see when is the soonest date to which you can return.


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  1. mike torpea

    Oh, Kyle… I realize this is old and that Flaming Saddles recently closed but why the F* are you promoting bachelorette parties in W. Hollyoood?? I have lived in the neighborhood for 10 years and most gay people not only detest but resent bachelorette parties at gay bars. What gay person on the planet thinks “I cant wait to go out ot my local gay bar on a Sat night to be surrounded by tons of screaming straight women!” If that was the case, most gay people would just go up to Sunset Blvd or one of the bars in Hollywood and get it over with. Plus. your prouncement that the Abbey is open to all sexual identities. Maybe the bar is but patrons are not which is why David Cooley opened the separate bar – Chapel – to cater to the gay patrons who felt pushed out by the Abbey.

    • hamptonstohollywood

      Hey, Mike – thanks for the comment and thoughts 🙂 I hear you – and I have a different opinion about this. Hamptons to Hollywood is all about celebrating life. While I understand the gay community likes to congregate in bars and restaurants that make us feel safe with similar people, I also believe in welcoming everyone, regardless of sexual orientation. While it may be a farfetched hope, I would like to think that gay bars and bachelorette parties should not be mutually exclusive. To me, saying that women can’t celebrate their engagement at a gay bar is the same thing as straight people ridiculing gays for their sexuality: people are trying to live their lives, but instead are being met with resistance. It seems hypocritical for gays to be met with so much discrimination in life, only to turn around and do the same thing to women who are trying to enjoy themselves. Why can’t we be the bigger person? Why do we have to squash someone’s fun instead of welcoming everyone with open arms, like we wish had been done to us? It’s perpetuating the cycle of discrimination and only drives us further apart. I think gay people and straight people should be able to coexist in harmony instead of putting limits on each other.

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