Monday night was the evening that my Mr. Golden Globe campaign took a turn for the exciting. It was time to do something drastic, time to get noticed, time to turn heads.

I composed a letter to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association explaining the reasoning for my campaign, printed out proof of my support for my proposed title, and tucked a few charming pictures of yours truly into a pretty package. On the advice of Kendra, from my writer’s group, I tied a bright yellow smiley face balloon around the bundle and headed over to the HFPA offices.

My mission? Deliver the package and let the organization know about my cause – AT ANY COST. It was only the next logical step.

For obvious security reasons, the HFPA building is surrounded by a tall cast-iron gate. There was not an accessbile mailbox from the street, so I had two choices: A) jump the fence and infiltrate/TRESPASS on private Hollywood property, or B) launch the package over the gate, into the driveway, and pray to god it landed face up.

Though I was tempted by the former, I decided to go with option B. After all, I couldn’t be awarded Mr. Golden Globe if I was in jail, right?

I thought back to my t-ball days of yesteryear, clutched the package tight in my right hand, wound up, and LAUNCHED – literally my entire campaign – into the air and over the top of the gate. Thankfully because of the balloon, I watched as the package soared through the air in slow motion, falling gently, before it finally landed on the brick driveway…FACE UP.


I was stoked. I stood there for a few seconds longer, even though there was nothing else I could do, and processed what I had just done. It was a bold move, a leap of faith, but definitely worth it. Mission Acomplished. Tom Cruise – if you’re casting for Mission Impossible 5, call me.

Afterward I ran back to my car and waited for a bit, but after realizing that the rest was out of my hands, I headed home, happy and excited to see what would happen next. HFPA, can’t wait to hear from you.


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