Oh, wonderful summertime. The season when the air is hot, the people are happy, the beach is your best friend and…your skin is dry?!

For us, summer means lots of sun exposure, which makes our bodies look exceptional in a bathing suit, but is also hard on the skin; sunburn, peeling, dryness, etc.

The solution? We are loving a new product that locks in moisture and keeps us smelling great. Paul Mitchell’s Special Tea Tree Shampoo and Moisturizer are the perfect summer hair and skincare remedies to fight dryness. Tea tree oil, peppermint, and lavender are the main ingredients, exuding a crisp, healthy aroma when using the shampoo, and providing ever the slightest minty tingle while you lather. Once you’re toweled off, the Moisturizer doubles as a leave-in conditioner; so not only can you rub all over your sunburned body as an alternative to traditional aloe, but you can also comb through your locks to detangle the unmanageable beach hair you came home from the ocean with. And again, it leaves you tingly and smelling minty fresh. And what’s better than feeling minty and crisp in the hot, hot heat?

We’re already obsessed.

Throw on a little Butter Elixir face serum before you get dressed and you’re ready for a night on the town. And the best part? No one will ever believe you were chillaxing like a true beach bum all day long.

Hamptons to Hollywood - Tea Tree

Hamptons to Hollywood - Tea Tree


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