I teamed up with popular YouTube Vlogger, Stevie NYC, to teach him how to sneak into a stranger’s bottle service table!

When Stevie approached me with the idea of collaborating, he asked me if I could teach him a lesson for his new video series. I thought about it and realized I have no real skills. Can’t juggle, singing would be too embarrassing, I’m too white to dance…

…then BOOM – it hit me!

The one thing I’m decent at, is being something of an expert on sneaking into parties, events, award ceremonies, and yes, even random clubgoers’ tables who have ordered bottles. Am I proud of this? Um, duh. Free booze! In the video above I give Stevie my tutorial on how to go about executing this brilliant skill of mine, so take notes and try it out if you dare. Just don’t say you heard it from me! 🙂

You can see the video on MY CHANNEL: www.YouTube.com/KyleLanganHamptonsHollywood AND the original on Stevie’s CHANNEL too!



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