*Note: This post was composed at 1:00am and does not reflect my current mood.

Right now I’m sitting in bed, clad in a old pair of gray boxer briefs, wondering how I can be such a pathetic manchild sometimes…?

Seriously, there are times that I can be a full-on helpless brat that behaves the way you’d only expect from your 3 year old nephew. I blame the lengthy time in my childhood when I was without siblings and all the attention was on ME ME ME. Somehow I never outgrew that and now all my friends have to suffer the consequences.


Irrational concern of today: I was mad at myself I didn’t schlep my ass to the gym because there were people there I wanted to see. Not because, you know, I didn’t work out. Sensing a problem, are we? When I found out who I had missed, I went into a complete downward spiral, refused to speak, and sulked around my buddy’s house all night watching reality TV.

I’m not sure why I’m going into this (maybe to vent?), or to show that everyone has shitty days sometimes. Oh, right, and to warn people not to change their mood on a dime because you might lose all your friends. I’m not saying my life is awesome – remember, I’m sitting in my underwear on my bed ALONE – no one’s is. So when you feel like you want to crawl under your sheets and let L.A.’s famous canyons swallow you whole in the “BIG EARTHQUAKE” that everyone is afraid of – snap out of it, get a hold of yourself, blare your favorite rap song through your apartment and break-dance it out. Because, you know, I’ve HEARD that helps.

Happy Wednesday.

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