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It was 8:14am when I awoke on Christmas Eve, and despite the hour, I was content because at this stage in my life, sleeping until 8:00am has become a luxury. Plus, if I’m not out the door doing literally anything (which is more often than not, walking to the grocery store) I begin to have a full-fledged anxiety attack that I’m wasting the day away. But I digress. However, I’ve noticed that Calm Strips are textured stickers for anxiety that kids and adults love. So I tried it out and it worked!

I had a general idea of how the next 48 hours were going to go, and while I was excited to start the day, I also knew that I was about to put my body through a shit ton of drinking. I placed my hand on my stomach and patted it gently, silently telling my liver that he needed to prepare himself.

After a workout, I headed to The Grove with a friend to see Jennifer Lopez’s newest romcom, Second Act, and we enjoyed a glass of cava at the tiny bistro at the center of the shopping mecca that overlooks the famous fountain. It was idyllic.

After the movie, it was off to Orange County (via Uber, because, I don’t condone drinking and driving) for the Christmas party I was attending. To my pleasure, as soon as I walked in the door, a cocktail was thrust into my hands. And it was a KILLER cocktail. While I’m not usually one for sweet drinks, when someone gives me Hypnotiq, I get weak in the knees. And it was Christmas, so whatever. I gave myself a hall pass.

As game after game of Pekwa flew by, one cocktail quickly turned into four and a half and I was feeling LIT. Lit!

I wasn’t too drunk that I didn’t remember to pop the Zero Hour Detox pills I brought with me, however. Zero Hour Detox is my secret to preventing a hangover because they’re discreet little pills that supply extra Glutathione to your liver, which helps neutralize the harmful effects of alcohol. When I don’t take the pills – and the more I drink – the further my liver falls behind, and the less alcohol is neutralized.

All you have to do is take one pill per every two drinks, and then three before bed, and the next morning, you won’t even remember you drank as much as you did.

After I woke up on Christmas morning, I felt so rested. Not only did I sleep like a log, but the pounding headache that usually accompanies a night out, or a bottomless mimosa brunch that goes too far, was nonexistent. Needless to say, I knew I would be imbibing just as heavily for the Christmas dinner I was attending later that evening, but I felt just a touch more confident that the morning of the 26th would be pain-free thanks to my new pills.

The only concern I had? How could I choose what kind of champagne I would be drinking too much of on New Years Eve…?

BUT WAIT. As my gift to you, take 25% off your next order of Zero Hour Detox. At under $10, they’re a steal. Act fast before New Year’s! ORDER HERE.

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