Gone are the days of dropping off your best attire in a cramped, humid, sweat-shop-esque dry cleaner shop in the hopes that the owner will do everything in their power to return your clothing to you fresher than before. Now, there isn’t any need to worry because Jeeves, New York and London’s finest dry cleaners, is now in the Hamptons. The best part of all? They deliver.

Picture it: you’re at Duryea’s eating some of their famous lobster, when someone bumps into your table, sending the hot melted butter you were dipping your shellfish into flying onto those new linen pants you just picked up at Elie Tahari. We’ve all been there. But now, you don’t have to wait to return to the city to clean your clothes, or try and find the perfect Hamptons cleaner.

Available from Westhampton to Bridgehampton, Jeeves is a door-to-door collection and delivery dry cleaning service that picks up your laundry every Wednesday, and has it delivered to you the next week, so you can jet off to your favorite Hamptons party without a doubt that your attire will look as flawless as you feel. Clients can schedule a collection by calling Jeeves’ Upper East Side location: (212) 570-9130 or emailing client [email protected]. They even do couture 😉

Their New York store screams luxury as well, almost looking like a custom boutique rather than a typical dry cleaner. Fresh, spotless, and chic, you’ll have no qualms knowing this is the spot where your clothing is getting cleaned.

Jeeves’ Hamptons collection service is available until Labor Day, so don’t miss out on this perfect East End convenience. Let us know what you think!

Jeeves Shop 2

Jeeves Van


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