Obviously sun protection is a MUST in the summertime, but there are so many different sunscreens on the market that it’s easy to become waylaid with competing lotions. Our solution? Pick the one from the Hamptons. What’s up Hampton Sun.

Okay, sure, it would be easy to totally just choose this particular sunscreen because of its gorgeous labeling and because it has the name “Hampton” in it, but admittedly, this serum is actually pretty fantastic.

The Hamptons to Hollywood crew headed to Santa Monica last weekend and passed around the Body Lotion and the Face Lotion to try out. And do you want to hear what the first critique out of Lauren’s – a beauty guru in her own right – mouth was?

“Oh Jesus. This is absolutely the softest stuff I have ever put on my face.”

As you know, at Hamptons to Hollywood, we only bring you products we can 100% get behind – and trust us, this is one. It just so happens it aligns perfectly with our brand. Hello new favorite skincare option!

Sumptuous and velvety are the perfect words to describe the lotion. Each bottle offers maximum protection, but more importantly because vanity is definitely A THING in both the Hamptons and Los Angeles, you actually receive an impeccable tan when using it too. Moreover, there isn’t an overpowering aroma, so you don’t have to worry about smelling like a pina colada for the next four hours after you use it. Can you say win-win?

Hampton Sun also has a lip balm and moisturizer that is pretty tasty and is a mild exfoliator to rid your lips of excess chappi-ness.

You can grab the great stuff at White’s Pharmacy and Blue Mercury in the Hamptons. Stay safe in the sun, Hamptonites, and Happy Summer!

Hampton Sun x Hamptons to Hollywood


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