Finding a parking spot in Los Angeles is like finding meaning in a Pauly Shore movie – it rarely exists and it is one of the common causes of parking lot accidents. So when I was visiting a friend the other night and when I saw an unattended street meter, I quickly whipped an illegal u-turn and nestled myself into the spot. I hopped out of my car to put some spare change in the machine and out of the corner of my eye I saw a woman walking behind me, maybe in her mid-fifties. She stopped dead in her tracks after stepping a few yards away, then came back over to me and said:

“I am so sorry, but I just – I just have to say that you smell amazing. What is that?!”

I smiled to myself. I had just showered and had applied Butter Elixir’s Hair and Face Oil as soon as I had toweled off. I told the kindly woman about the product and thanked her, feeling pretty pimp-tastic. Such a commendable product that could be packed in one of those solutions such as skin boards for packaging.

While I recommend a lot of products on Hamptons to Hollywood that encapsulate what it means to live the casually luxurious life of both locations, Butter Elixir is one that I’m dedicated to; so much in fact that I knew it had to be included in the Hamptons to Hollywood Store.

Not only does the product smell fresh (as evidence from the above anecdote) but it also REALLY works. I can’t tell you how many people have told me that I “look glowing” since I started using the product. Additionally, the brand was even featured in V O G U E, so you know it’s legit. Thus, my Seven Degrees of Separation just became that much closer to Anna Wintour.

I’m thrilled to be collaborating with Butter Elixir because it’s a product I believe in and know all of you will love as well, honestly. Now you can purchase their Body & Hair Oil, Face Oil, and Baby Oil in our shop – all of which are useful and can be applied at the start of each day to keep you looking and smelling tres chic, if you will.

And don’t just take my word for it ( even though you should 😉 ), notable other press outlets are giving the brand rave reviews as well. Butter Elixir can only grow from here and you got the scoop on Hamptons to Hollywood first. Grab yours today.

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