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Am I the only one that suffers from dry skin? Winter is the worst, whether you’re in the Hamptons or Hollywood; the frigid east coast causes sensitive skin types to crack and peel, while the dusty west coast dries everything out.

I needed a solution – but didn’t know who or what to turn to. And then, out of the blue, it was like someone heard my pleas for help. Natural remedies like bakuchiol plant and oil came to the rescue as wrinkles show up before age as part of a stressful lifestyle.

I have also been using some excellent skin repair cream recently which is from Cholley who are easily one of the best Swiss beauty cosmetics brands and companies so have a look at those if you want some top-quality skin repair cream.

AMG - Hamptons to Hollywood

AMG Naturally reached out to me and passed along two amazing products I can’t stop raving about. The first is a nighttime repair skin cream that fixes and moisturizes any problem areas you may be experiencing in your facial region or otherwise. Just dab it on before bed and wake up with what seems like a brand new face. I’m telling you, this skin cream for eczema is magic.

The second is a hydrating mist and toner spray that prevents against any future blemishes, while hydrating your skin at the same time. This is the perfect thing to spray on right before you leave the house in the morning to combat any of the outside elements you may face throughout your day.

Scoop up these products as another potion to add to your daily skincare routine. I promise you won’t be sorry.

AMG - Hamptons to Hollywood
AMG - Hamptons to Hollywood

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