Ready for some pillow talk?

It’s been proven that people spend 1/3 of their lives in bed. And while that may sleep like a completely justifiable fact of life at 7am when all you’re doing is slapping the snooze button, but when you actually are thinking clearly, it’s a pretty alarming statistic. So, if we MUST spend so much of our time horizontal, having a luxury mattress is kinda of a necessity.

The Hamptons to Hollywood team recently had the opportunity to take a new luxury mattress out for a “test sleep”. The verdict? Heaven on earth. Eve Mattresses has a simple credo; simplicity meets comfort. And trust us, the cloud-like memory foam that the bed is comprised of is the stuff dreams are made of. Honestly, it’s near perfection – and it’s not hard to see why. The team behind Eve spent 12 years, designing and testing out 70,000 prototypes – 70,000! – before they decided on their current model. If that’s not painstaking market research, we don’t know what is.

Though the company is based in trendy London, the mattress was shipped to the Hamptons to Hollywood headquarters in LA in mere days – way shorter a timeframe than expected. Upon unpacking the mattress itself from its pretty box, it expanded to its full size in less than two hours, and was ready to be slept on that evening. What’s cooler? Eve offers a customizable option to have any image of your choosing, be it your last family portrait taken on Ditch Plains Beach or your favorite magazine cover starring Taylor Swift, printed onto the mattress for a truly one of a kind product. And even with the image, comfort isn’t compromised.

One thing about memory foam mattresses is that they usually are completely still, but the Eve mattress has the perfect little bounce to it that doesn’t make you feel like you’re sinking into a mud puddle. If you’re in the market for a new bed, be it in your Hamptons bungalow or LA estate, Eve mattress is the kind of bed we love that fits with our brand – simple, luxurious, and comfortable beyond your wildest imagination. You can rest assured you’ll wake up feeling rejuvenated. After all, every great day starts the night before.

Eve Mattress - Hamptons to Hollywood

Eve Mattress - Hamptons to Hollywood


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