It isn’t enough just to be an actress in Hollywood anymore. These six legendary ladies have turned themselves into multifaceted talents by launching their own lifestyle brands that are not only revolutionizing what it means to be a celebrity, but also how people are living their lives.

One thing that is universal about all these actors-turned-businesswomen is that each of their respective brands stem from their passions and reflect who they are as individuals.

Gwyneth Paltrow{Goop} – GP is arguably the pioneer when it comes to creating a successful lifestyle company. Goop, born from a weekly advice-centric newsletter on what to do in various cities, Gwyneth has built Goop into an interactive website, occasional pop-up shop, and e-commerce giant that has an impressive staff, including CEO Lisa Gersh, who formerly helmed the Martha Stewart brand. Gwynnie and Goop continue to be one of the biggest inspirations behind Hamptons to Hollywood and we love everything about what the team is doing and the fun, quirky, and informative editorial content they produce. Between making conscious uncoupling and vaginal steams famous, they’re creating enough buzz that they’re definitely doing something right.

Sarah Michelle Gellar{Foodstirs} – Perhaps the latest lady to launch a lovely legacy, Gellar has co-founded Foodstirs, a lifestyle culinary brand and food crafting company that delivers curated non-GMO, quality ingredients to your doorstep to create delicious treats for families everywhere. The brand was born out of Gellar’s own intent to spend time with her children in the kitchen, but she took control of her own baking when she began seeking out ingredients that were healthier than others found in store-bought confections. With all the ingredients to create a masterpiece contained in one box, she leaves the fun part to her customers – making the food! A recipe for brownie popsicles? Sign us up.

Kate Hudson{Fabletics} – As evident from her Instagram, the always active Kate is constantly dancing, exercising, or moving in some way. It only made sense to come out with her own line of activewear that could move as easily as she does. Super comfortable and durable, the brand has already expanded into a men’s line and just opened its first store in New Jersey. With her clothing, she’s inspiring customers nationwide to live a lifestyle that is active and healthy, while making clothing that looks way more stylish than your average gym clothes.

Reese Witherspoon{Draper James} – Reese is on the mission to spread the southern charm and hospitality she was brought up with in the form of clothing, accessories, and home decor. The Draper James brand, named for her grandparents, exudes happiness, southern hospitality, and her own whimsical outlook on what it means to look great and feel good while doing so.

Jessica Alba{The Honest Company} – The Honest brand has taken off like crazy employing heaps of people who are bringing household products to the masses that are non-toxic and promote ethical consumerism. From baby diapers to household cleaners, the company runs the gamut as far as supplies and provides buyers with an overall good feel that they are living a healthier lifestyle by using its products.

Blake Lively{Preserve} – Though Preserve recently closed its doors, there is still something to be said for the venture Blake embarked upon when she founded the company over a year ago. Wanting to put her own unique mark on her style of curating unique, handmade products, she created a community of makers and artisans that preserved a signature aesthetic. We can’t wait to see what she does next.

Lots of other Hollywood actresses are killing the game too, everyone from Nicole Richie and her clothing line to Drew Barrymore with her line of makeup. Each and every person building their own brand (and dare we say empire) is inspiring in their own right.

Now, what have you done today that’s putting you a little closer to your goal? If YOU had a brand what would it be about?


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