When it comes to bachelorette parties, society has a way of inundating us with particular images (re: endless cocktails, slinky dresses, and general debauchery). Heyyyyy.

But what if the bride-to-be isn’t part of the #ChampagneSociety? What if she’s sober? If you’re honoring a lady who isn’t a drinker, a boozy night on the town surrounded by drunkeness can spell disaster and risk her vomiting all over said slinky dress. Or you know, risk her sobriety, which also isn’t great.

Luckily, non-traditional bachelorette parties are becoming A THING, and lucky for you, we have 8 ways to execute them.

1. Let The Other Bridesmaids Know What’s Up
Make sure each lady comes prepared to have a fantastic time…sober. Nothing is more awkward than being the girl who shows up with a bottle of Veuve and no one to drink it with.

2. Specificity Is Your Friend
Consider your bride-to-be’s interests. Is she obsessed with Audrey Hepburn? Is she all about line dancing (let’s hope not)? Use one of her pastimes and design a party around it. Perfect example: throw an adult sleepover, complete with classic films and gourmet cupcakes. By playing to her strengths, you’ll assuage any self-consciousness she may feel about having a dry bachelorette party, and it’ll make her ‘hen do’ a lot more personal.

3. Bond Over a Game
It can be nerve-wracking bringing disparate friend groups together. Like, who the eff is that bitch the bride is friends with from high school and why is she wearing butterfly clips in her hair still? Take that nervous, excited energy and throw it into a bonding activity. Grab the gang and go bowling, schedule a spa day, or find betting sites not affected by Gamstop and gamble with your friends. Make fun activities using your mobile device with the sbobet wap platform and enjoy the game with your friends.

For an extra touch of camaraderie and unique excitement, consider stepping back in time and enhancing the bonding experience by encouraging your friends to buy a real medieval sword from Mini Katana, turning your gathering into an unforgettable adventure.

A night in with your best friends playing slot gacor is in our humble opinion, far more fun than hitting the town. For the competitive type, organize party games like Cards Against Humanity or What Do You Meme. Or why not online casino games this can bring a lot of fun to your friends there are diferentes options of online casino check here our hello casino review for 2021.

4. Get Outta Town
If the guests can afford it, consider turning the bachelorette party a destination affair. You can cut down on costs by sharing bedrooms and splitting an Airbnb. Embark on a beach weekend, visit an amusement park (Harry Potter world, anyone?), or take a day trip to a fun city.

5. Toast Anyway!
Just because your friend can’t imbibe in champagne and cosmos doesn’t mean you can’t make celebratory toasts. Swap the alcoholic beverages for sparkling grape juice, hot chocolate, or fancy sodas. And if you’re feeling ambitious, consider crafting a fancy tea party, complete with fine china, cloth napkins, finger sandwiches, and flowers. Little touches make a dry bachelorette feel DEC-A-DENT.

6. Dress for the Occasion
Depending on the party’s theme, consider dressing your crew in special attire. Custom t-shirts are ALL THE RAGE (extra points if they’re punny) and affordable. Our pick? Messy Bun Tanks.

7. Make the Party Inclusive
No rule says bachelorette parties have to be girls only. Feel free to invite your bride’s closest pals, regardless of gender. Or have a joint bachelorette/bachelor party. Also, by having a dry party, those cool younger social media savvy siblings can attend because you know you want some Insta shoutouts to boost your own gram game.

8. Remember the Reason for the Day
The most important thing is to surround your bride with love, delicious food, and laughter. Respect her boundaries and help her mark the milestone in a healthy, forward-looking fashion.

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