Oh, December. Some see it as the month of holiday cheer and frivolity, which, arguably it is. However, it’s also the month that people start envisioning their New Years Resolutions – a.k.a. promises to themselves they know they’ll break by mid-February.

But! BUT!

If fitness is your modus operandi when it comes to resolution season, I have just the place to invest your 2019 dollars and time. If you are a fitness freak who wants to get the best workout equipment for their home gym, then you may also want to consider this Best Grappling Dummy here to help you work better!

My newest obsession? Plyo Fitness Los Angeles.

Clearly, with the perfectly sculpted bodies of seemingly everyone in Los Angeles, there are no shortage of places to work out. Every month there seems to be new gyms popping up that promise great results (washboard abs, improved mood, better sex, life, world peace, etc), so why is Plyo the best?

1) Your Happiness is a Priority
It’s a new gym, so the entire staff is there to keep their customers happy.

2) Certified Staff
The staff knows their stuff. Founded by certified personal trainer and well-known fitness juggernaut, Steve Machuca, Plyo is a gym that employs trainers who are knowledgable and – better yet – are passionate about the work they do. All trainers are certified and bring a positive attitude AND positive reinforcement to their classes. I don’t know about the rest of you, but as a self-interested millennial, I want trainers who are motivating me and telling me how great I’m doing – not calling me a “maggot” and screaming at me like a drill sergeant, Full Metal Jacket style.

3) Small Classes
I attended the 6:00am class, partly because I’m a masochist, but partly because I know that huge classes don’t motivate me as much because I know I’ll slack off when the trainer goes around to correct other class members’ form. At Plyo, there were times when I was the only person in class, which is basically a personal training session without the hefty price tag.

4) Customizable Options
The Plyo Fitness team will even customize meal plans for you – and raid your fridge, if you’re into that kind of thing – to keep you on track and keep your goals at center stage.

Think of us as a fitness support group. We are here to push each other to a healthier version of ourselves. – Steve Machuca, Founder, Plyo Fitness Los Angeles

5) You See Results

The whole reason we work out is to improve our bodies, right? With Plyo Fitness, the results are uncanny – and they have stats to prove it:

Images via Plyo Fitness
Being a previous ClassPass holder, I was able to try a bevy of different workout portals around LA, but Plyo is different. With consistency, Plyo has shown me that the results you want for yourself are attainable. All you have to do is show up, listen to the trainers, and keep an open mind. And keep the doughnuts out of your stomach.

Here’s a ‘lil sneak peek inside the gym at my recent 6:00am class.

Contact them for more information:
[email protected]
Or swing by and pop in for a visit:

Located at:
Plyo Fitness
815 North La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90038


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