We all love a good holiday – but it’s all too easy to let yourself go a bit – physically, at least. As TINZ highlighted, 44% of travelers admit they fall into bad habits while on their travels (i.e. stuffing their faces with room service and watching trashy movies on TV after a long day, because, hey VACATION!)

But trust us, though the thought is daunting, it can be surprisingly easy to keep in shape on holiday while also letting your hair down. Here are our tips to stay fit while traveling.

1. Your Boots Were Made For Walking
It’s understandable that you’ll need to travel by car or public transport at some point in your journey, but don’t become over-reliant. If you’re within “walking distance” (you can decide how close that is – and don’t be lazy!) of the destination you’re meant to visit, trek there on foot instead.

Plus, in major cities, you’ll find most landmarks are located within a 30-minute walk of each other. While that makes for a one hour round-trip, remember you’ll get the chance to rest at your destination.

2. Now Walk It Out
Instead of lolling out of bed and stumbling down for breakfast, think about instead waking yourself up of a morning with a brisk walk – or, dare we even suggest it, jog. Getting active first thing in the morning means your body will be working overtime for the rest of the day when it comes to your metabolism. Plus, you’ll get exercising out of the way and anything active you do throughout the day will just be extra!

It’s also a good way to ensure you get at least a small dose of exercise, at a time when you’re likely going to be putting your body through hell with rich foods and alcoholic drinks. Plot out a route or just wing it – whatever works for you.

3. Use Nature To Nurture
Worried about losing muscle definition? We totally are right there with you. Whether you’re a gym rat or just a casual weight lifter, you may wish to keep up your routine while abroad. Breaking Muscle provided a detailed guide on how to work different areas of your body in the great outdoors.

Whether you’re just jogging through the woods or using large rocks as makeshift dumbbells, you’ll find there’s always something lying around which can help you stay active. Get creative with it, and remember to stay safe. You last thing you need is to be doing upside push-ups next to a cliff and fall off it into unknown peril.

4. Get Outta Town
How about just cutting out the middle man and killing two birds with one stone? Instead of trying to squeeze in active pursuits during a regular holiday, think about booking a vacation which encourages you to stay on the move at all times and experience go karting cape town.

Explore offers a number of excursions so you can choose between a series of different locations and activities that can be tailored for individuals or even include the whole family.

SOOO, are you inspired you to stay fit on your next holiday? It’s important to keep your body on the go, even when you’re having the time of your life. Don’t forget your passport!


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  1. I made my poor husband walk all over Paris on our honeymoon. No public transport allowed, must walk 20 miles a day so I can eat cheese and crusty bread!

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