If you’ve been following our social media accounts, you saw that we recently took our first trip abroad to Spain! We conquered Barcelona and Madrid in a whirlwind week of wine, food, monuments, and of course, a little revelry.

Barcelona is a top-of-the-line international city that’s tourist friendly, so was the perfect spot to stop and spend some time before venturing off to the Spanish capital, Madrid, which is more more authentically Spanish, in our opinion.

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Barcelona has a robust nightlife scene, lots of stunning architecture, tasty tapas, and luxury hotels that will keep you feeling safe and cozy during your stay. Our favorite hotel, though, was the TWO Hotel in Barcelona. Described as “heterofriendly” it’s a hotel that welcomes people of all ethnicities and walks of life and offers them luxury accommodations in the heart of the city. Here’s why you should check it out.

1. Free Massage
Sign. Us. Up. In the hotel lobby you can ask the concierge about the free massages available that will help you relax and settle you in perfectly to Barcelona. Those fingertips are magical.

2. Sexy Showers
Nothing is sexier than a glass for shower door– whether you’re staying with a partner or showering alone. The glass that comprises the shower walls is just opaque enough so that you can’t see everything of someone who might be staying with you, but leaves a lot up to the imagination, which is sometimes the most erotic.

3. European Balconies
Each guest room comes complete with a large glass door that opens to a dainty balcony. It is so cute and European you could almost die. Our room looked out onto a quaint park outside the back of the hotel, which was tranquil and beautiful; we had no idea we were in the heart of a bustling city!

4. Rooftop Pool
This was perhaps our favorite aspect of the hotel. The rooftop pool was the touchstone of the rooftop getaway area. Seven floors above the street, the watering hole was modern, heated (for those chilly nights), had sweeping views of the city, and was the perfect place to relax with a cocktail. Adjacent to the pool was a split-level pool deck that contained chaise lounges on the upper level, and a bar, gym and portable infrared sauna, and more lounge areas on the bottom level. It was THE PLACE to be to grab a drink before heading out, or relaxing during the day.

5. Two Bars
In addition to the uber cool rooftop bar, which we utilized frequently, there was another bar located in the lobby of the hotel with ample seating and views onto the streets of Barcelona. The downstairs bar was the perfect place to people watch, while the upstairs bar is more for catching sunsets and for that extra hint of romance.

6. Gym
It’s important to work out while on holiday, even if you think you don’t want to. Between day trips here and dinners there, you’re likely going to be splurging on your diet, so having a small gym to flex those muscles is key. TWO Hotel’s gym was painted a cheeky pink hue and had free weights, weight lifting and cardio machines, and a full length mirror to check yourself out while you pump.

7. Steam Room
Need a steam after your workout? Also located on the rooftop, which might make this the steam room with the best views in Europe, it was convenient and oh so relaxing.

8. Walking Distance
The great thing about TWO Hotel is that it is located in the epicenter of the city. Fifteen minutes from the beach, walking distance to restaurants, shopping, and clubs, it is so accessible to get around the city. And if you don’t feel like doing a walking tour, the metro station is located directly outside the hotel and it was also the easiest time we’ve ever had calling a cab.

9. Chic interiors
The decor in TWO Hotel was chic. Super chic. Modern and minimalist with an emphasis on a casual luxury aesthetic, the furniture in the rooms was stately, sturdy, and contemporary, so felt very up to date. Imagine living in the pages of architectural digest in a Frank Lloyd Wright meets edgy Upper East Side dwelling.

10. Modern Amenities
From room service, to the pool, to everything made available in the guest rooms, the TWO Hotel is at the forefront of providing amenities that keep their customers happy. There was nothing more we could have asked for because everything was provided so elegantly. The only problem, honestly, was having to leave.

11. Amazing Staff
We CANNOT stress enough how amiable and providing every member of the staff was, from the front desk attendants to the bartenders. They spoke English fluently, so in case you’re a little rusty on your Spanish, fear not. They expediently reply to any concern and question you may have about the city or hotel, and give excellent recommendations of what’s around. Five stars to the exceptional TWO Hotel staff.

12. Delicious Breakfast
The yummy treats served for breakfast were the perfect balance of comfort food and authentic Spanish cuisine – which is just what we were looking for. There is a chance to try and eat like true Spaniards, but if you’re traveling with someone with a less adventurous palate, there are plenty of danishes and continental dishes to choose from as well.

13. Happy Vibe Among Guests
Somehow, everyone cool must have gotten the memo to stay at TWO Hotel. The vibe, first set by the front desk upon entry, is welcoming, nice, and friendly – and that just so happens to carry through to the guests as well. Every person we met while staying at the hotel was happy to be there, eager to meet new people and chat, and receptive to new ideas and lifestyles. Perhaps it’s the open-mindedness of what the hotel stands for, but it is very easy to meet friends. We’d be surprised if you don’thave a few friend requests waiting in your Facebook queue when you leave.

14. Encourages Safety
At the sink in each room is a little welcome package with toothbrush, toothpaste, and condoms. Clearly oral hygiene is just as important as safe sex, which is very appreciated. TWO Hotel’s commitment to hygiene and looking at for the guests does not go unnoticed.

15. The Whimsical Familiarity
From the congenial vibe the hotel exudes to the happy rooftop lounge area with the pink whimsical decor, it’s almost as if you are transported to happy little village when you stay at TWO Hotel that can be closely compared to Wonderland or Whoville. When you’re there, you are a part of something larger than yourself; you’re part of the tribe. And when you’re traveling, that little feeling of belonging and feeling grounded in a city where you might not know anyone or anything, really does go a long way.

Thank you TWO Hotel!

Hamptons to Hollywood - TWO Hotel Barcelona

Hamptons to Hollywood - TWO Hotel Barcelona

Hamptons to Hollywood - TWO Hotel Barcelona


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