I’m a guy, and so I really have no business talking about the plastic surgery women get (and neither should anyone else, for that matter) but I kinda feel compelled to weigh in on this Renee Zellweger situation…


Yes, I agree with everyone, she looks NOTHING like she did before. But listen people – is it our place to pass judgment? AND am I really the only one who doesn’t think she looks bad?? Because honestly – and yes, here it comes – whoever did her face did a GREAT JOB. I think people are poo-pooing her apparent image change because of how drastically her visage was altered, but no one is paying attention to the aesthetic at how well-crafted the job was performed. Like, she looks like a completely new person, but she looks GOOD. 

Yes, it’s clear she had work done. But listen, this is Hollywood. Why is everyone so shocked by this? People get work done all the time and look WAY more messed up than Renee does. And what’s this about her looking puffy? I just don’t see it. Maybe compared to her frail frame from 2002 you MIGHT be able to argue that she looks puffy, but guess what? People gain weight in their face over time. Fact of life, baby.

Aging is a natural, normal part of life and yeah, it’s sad when the self-confidence of youth doesn’t ascend concurrently with age. However, I don’t think it’s anybody else’s business to pass judgment on how someone might want to change their appearance. Do you really talk about how ugly someone’s new haircut is and blast it all over the internet? Like, c’mon everyone, practice some tolerance. Get over the initial shock factor and be open minded to the fact that someone is making a life choice because it makes them happier. 

Is she worse off or better with the new look? You can decide for yourself, but I think everyone should switch on their “empathy button” for a hot second and think about what a life under such extreme scrutiny is like. She hasn’t worked in a while, maybe she thought a new appearance was necessary? Whatever her rationale for going under the knife was, it doesn’t matter because it was her own choice and no one else’s. Let’s just remember that whether you were marveling at her acting talent in Cold Mountain or putting your hands together after one of her flashy Chicago numbers, a decade ago, she completed you too.


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