Admittedly, I think “romantic comedy” is one of the best movie genres out there. I mean, they’re classics, really, and not just reserved for all-female slumber parties or eating pints of Ben & Jerry’s after a break-up. When Harry Met Sally, Annie Hall, Silver Linings Playbook – the list goes on and on. But which rom-com are YOU?

1. Do you love to banter with your potential flame? Do you hate them, then love them, but then ultimately find friendship and comfort in being in their company? Has it always seemed like its been up and down and you’ve been playing this head-game with each other for YEARS?

Then you’re clearly Harry and Sally. You might discuss your varying ideas about life and love and how you behave in relationships, even when the other person thinks your completely batshit crazy and wrong. But somehow, no matter what, you always fall for that person you talk to, truly bringing together the notion that opposites attract – at least at first.

2. Did your relationship start out as volatile? Did you think the other one was outside-their-mind-nuts but instead of backing away and running like a sane person, you were attracted to their “quirks”? And by quirks, I mean, of course, they’re insanity.

You’re Patrick and Tiffany. Though you’re were both totally flawed going into it, being together and “meeting your match” somehow balanced both of you out. And now you can live in this little world you created for yourselves that no one might ever understand but the two of you.

3. Has there always been that ONE PERSON that you’ve pined after? You started as friends, sure, but there was just something about them, something about how they made you feel, that you couldn’t shake. After a while, and it probably wasn’t until they started seeing someone else, you realized they were the one. Like, y’know, THE ONE. And now you’re all panicky because you have to profess your love before it’s too late!?

Just do the professions before the wedding day, alright? Because you know you definitely don’t want to have to attend your Best Friend’s Wedding. You’re Julianne.

4. Are you and your flame from opposite worlds? Sure, you’re attracted to the other and your meeting may have come about by fate, but the reality is that there is probably will never be a true reality with the other person because of your contrasting backgrounds. Sound familiar?

If a businessman can fall in love with a prostitute, I’m here to tell you that anything is possible because love conquers everything. You’re Edward and Vivian! After all, isn’t that what everyone keeps saying – that love is the only thing that matters?

5. Have you perpetually struck out in love? Has all hope seemed lost? Are you so jaded and fed up with dating and trying to make relationships appear out of thin air with all the wrong people that you’ve playfully considered “switching teams”?

You’re Jessica in Kissing Jessica Stein. You’re confused, torn, and possibly about to embark on one of the most bizarre love triangles you’ve ever experienced because it’s with two people of different sexes. And love triangles are never fun because you know that someone’s heart is going to get broken….

Loving a good rom com, I’m most excited about a new one that looks just as promising as the above mentioned I discovered on Kickstarter. The clip is funny, modern, and completely unique and I’m a sucker for a good pun-ny title; hence, Rosemary’s Maybe, from the producer that brought you Kissing Jessica Stein.

I strongly encourage everyone to support this project, helmed by Tammy Minoff, because I truly think it could be something great – a true romantically comedic gem. The concept is based on an original play that had a sold-out run in LA, so we know the source material is good. For all my fellow romantic comedy aficionados, I urge ya to share this post & campaign to get this thing off the ground. I wanna watch!

“The movie follows Rosemary, an aspiring painter and free spirit who has just moved to Los Angeles, where she meets Tom, an architect and playboy. Their intense chemistry quickly evolves into a serious relationship. Juxtaposed with this burgeoning romance are Tom’s best friends, May and Donald.  They’ve been married for several years and are now facing the monotony of their life together.  Further complicating these romances is Leo, Rosemary’s oft inappropriate yet earnest best friend from high school.  We watch these characters struggle, come together and fall apart as they try to come to terms with the life they’ve chosen.”

Hope everyone has a great weekend and is finding some love, wherever it may come from 🙂

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  1. What a super cute quiz! I love taking these and finding out where I almost fit in to.

  2. Romantic Comedies are the best! Call me crazy but I love Love and all the crazy forms it comes in, as long as it’s in the movies!

  3. I’m a serial “Best Friend’s Wedding”… been there too many times! lol

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