A couple weekends ago, my friends and I took a long, adventurous hike in Thousand Oaks, California. Check out the fun pics! SPOILER ALERT: I was nearly washed away in the river rapids.

I love a good adventure. Always have. That’s why, when the day we were meant to hike called for rain, I was even more excited. Rain alone in Los Angeles is a big deal, but can you imagine hiking through it?? It had showered the previous night as well, so the water level through the canyon we were traversing was WAY HIGHER than normal. Which, ya know, made it all the more fun.

We had to climb over fallen logs, jump from rock to rock like freakin’ leapfrogs, and scale the sides of cliffs that resembled a scene straight out of 127 Hours, to name a few obstacles.
There was one “cliff”, though, that was a real bitch. We had to jump from one side of it, over this raging river, onto a rocky platform in the middle of the water. Me, being the monkey that I am, somehow decided jumping was too easy, so instead I gripped the side of the rocky wall with my fingertips and shimmied my way until I became stuck. I looked up and it was pointless to climb any further because the rocks above me were too smooth. I looked down and saw a riptide of rushing water. I looked left, then right, and both were too far for me to climb back or jump over to. I was royally screwed. 
Then, before I knew it, I lost my death grip on the rock and plummeted into the murky canyon water below me. GET THIS – it had rained so hard that I didn’t even touch the bottom! I surfaced, and realized that the water had carried me quite a ways from where I fell, but trusty ‘ol Thomas was there in the nick of time and helped me onto the rock I had been trying to jump over to. I was soaked. To the bone. Just fucking drenched. The only thing I could do was laugh!
The best part was, everyone thought I was a goner because I had been under for what seemed like forever. But don’t worry, guys, you can’t get rid of me that easily.
The rest of the hike was a ball. Check out the awesome nature pics below and get yourself outside the next time you feel like plopping down in front of the TV and explore something fun. You’ll get a good story out of it, I promise.


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