I don’t know if you guys knew, but Buffy Summers invited me over for lunch the other day. Ya know, just to hang, like all besties do…


If you’re a true Buffy fan, you’re probably thinking, “WTF Kyle, Sunnydale is a crater now!?” So let’s just call it a little bit of magic that brought us together in the locale…(?)

Okay, okay. The real deal is that a former Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan had given me a life-size cut-out of Sarah Michelle Gellar about a year ago, because she knew that I was a fan of the show and actress. For whatever reason, I had accepted the gift, but had forgotten to decorate my old apartment with it. So when my friend, Adam, moved into my old abode, I remembered where I had stashed the Slayer and instructed him to go find it and accept it as my housewarming gift to him. Which he did, enthusiastically, because as it turns out, he is a BTVS fan as well. 

Upon finding out about his fan-dom, I told him about some of the filming locations the show used to use around LA and before we knew it, we packed Buffy into the car with us and drove off to “Sunnydale” to have a reunion with our favorite female butt-kicker of the late 90s.

First we had lunch at her house. Grilled cheese, ’cause we both like cheese. And chocolate.

Then we headed over to Sunnydale High because she missed the old days of just “hanging out with friends in the courtyard”. I indulged her. And comforted her when she thought she saw a giant snake…

Adam was really excited to hang with her too and I’m *kinda* jealous they’re roomies now…

 All in all, the day was grand and I can’t wait for our next adventure. See ya soon, guys.

Grrr. Arrgh.


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