With the Champagne Society being such a large part of the Hamptons to Hollywood canon, fun can escalate pretty quickly. Dancing on tables, body shots – you name it, we’ve probably done it. However, when it comes time to drive after such revelry, we always choose the most responsible way of heading back to the home front.

Be it via Uber, Lyft, bumming a ride from a friend, we always preach about calling a car if you aren’t able to drive yourself, however, you need to know if the uber driver causes accident, who is liable?

So, let’s say you had a glass or two of bubbly and you’re feelin’ yourself pretty hard, but still aren’t 100% sure you should get behind the wheel…

We have a solution. Enter, Floome.

Floome is a sleek breathalyzer that attaches directly to your smartphone and gauges how much alcohol is flowing through your bloodstream. So cool, right? Like, every hard partygoer’s fantasy. All you have to do is download the Floome app to your phone, attach the sleek, Italian-designed device to your headphone jack, and blow through the mouthpiece. In seconds, you’ll have your blood alcohol level, and Floome lets you know if you’re okay to hop behind the wheel, or if you should head to your favorite taco truck and sober up a bit first.

The good people at Floome sent Hamptons to Hollywood a lovely care package with some sobering snacks, and the device itself so we could give it a whirl. After a particularly stressful day, H2H Founder, Kyle Langan, imbibed in some leftover rosé from the Uncharted Waters shoot, and then measured how much of the wine had penetrated his bloodstream. Thankfully he was fine to drive, but there was ever the slightest hint of alcohol detected.

We’re swearing by Floome from now on. Want one for yourself? Contact us with your inquiry and we’d be happy to help supply!

Happy drinking!


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