If you’re mainly right-brained, like I am, then the title of this article will sound as mystifying to you as trigonometry sounded in high school. Solve for x? Hard pass. Love is totally an emotional construct that’s governed by our hearts, not logic…right?

Ehhh, kinda.

The first time my mother, a devout follower of all things astrological and mystic, mentioned numerology to me, it sounded uninteresting. Ever since my eighth grade pre-algebra teacher bestowed upon me my first ever “C” on a report card, I promised myself I would swear off all things mathematical for the rest of my days and carry around a pocket calculator, everywhere should if I ever be in a store trying to figure out the final cost of a pair of Sperrys that were 35% off. However, my mom explained that numerology is like reading your horoscope, but based on people you are compatible with. And yes, it involves numbers. But, like, in a cool way.

The theorem goes like this: you add up all the numbers of your birthdate and simplify them (don’t I sound so teachery rn?). For example, my birthday is 3/19/1988 (accepting belated wishes in the comment section below), so I add 3+1+9+1+9+8+8.

Answer? 39.

Step Two: 3+9 (hence the simplifying)

Answer? 12

Step Three: 1+2

So I am a 3. As a three, my most compatible matches are other threes, as well as sixes and nines. So, as the hopeful romantic that I am, you better believe I ask every first date I’ve ever been on when their birthday is so I can do the mental math while ordering the dirty martini from the bar where we’ve just met. More on The Kyle Chronicles.

Curious about who you’re compatible with? At Hamptons to Hollywood, our favorite numerology calculator gives you all the deets.

Happy counting!

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