Hello Bloggity Buddies! I want to apologize for seemingly not being as active as usual with Hamptons to Hollywood. Though it may seem like I’m neglecting my baby, in actuality I’m hard at work behind the scenes designing a new layout for the site. AND the whole ordeal is #drivingmecrazy

UGH! Website design is no easy task, people! I’ll find a layout I love, but then my posts won’t transfer properly. Or I can’t customize it as easily as I’d like. WHERE IS THE JUSTICE??

This is a rant, so forgive me. 

How is everybody? How are your New Year’s resolutions holding up? I just ate a bowl of quinoa, kale, and spinach and now I’m headed to the gym to GET MY SIX PACK BACK. Apparently some practical jokester cut it out of my stomach, stole it from me, and replaced it with a doughy gut. Not appreciated. Not one little bit. 

HOWEVER – tomorrow will prove to be exciting as I embark on a new venture for 2015. Each month I’ll be featuring a restaurant, either in greater Los Angeles or the Hamptons, that I believe is worthy of your time and that you MUST check out. Tomorrow’s dinner will be a local LA favorite that I can’t say too much about yet, but it’ll be a South-of-the-Border kinda evening if ya catch my drift. 

I’m very excited, though delicious food usually completely rejects that whole Quest For The Six Pack Back, so we’ll see. But hey, that’s what the good people at LA Fitness get paid for, right?

Chat soon!


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