Can we first recognize the ALL THE EMO in the above pic? Whatever, my jacket is on-fleek.

Let me just say, this whole “blogging every day” idea I had is a real fucking challenge. I give SO much kudos to the bloggers out there who can effortlessly write down their feelings in an online journal. To write your ideas down constantly for the world to read is scary. It’s vulnerable and putting yourself out there and baring your soul, which if you have crazy ideas running around in your mind, might make your readers think you’re OFF YOUR ROCKER CRAZY when they read your blurbs. But whatever.

The point is, doing anything every day for a month is a lot of work – and now I’m thinking I might have issues committing thanks to this little challenge for myself. Eating doughnuts every day for a month would be hard, going to the gym, watching a movie – you get the idea. It’s just excess.

I don’t have any idea where I’m really going with this, but this has to count as one of my daily posts, so sorry to bore you. I’ll be funnier and more interesting in my next one, I promise.


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  1. ur having a bad day,,, not the first.. wont be your last!!!!!!!! Keep blogging.. keep on trucking!!!!!! Continuing to wish u all the best !!!!!!!!!! Ur doing great!!!!!!!!!!

    • hamptonstohollywood

      Thanks, Juanita! 🙂

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