If there’s one thing I love, it’s a coming-of-age story. Figuring out who you are, navigating the scariness and uncertainty of life, finding your place in the world…even as an adult it really makes me think. That’s why I’m excited for a new independent film currently in post-production, called Breaking Glass.

The film tells the story of two teens, Gill and Bobby, who couldn’t be more different, but form an unlikely friendship after Bobby defends Gill against a crowd of bullies. The film explores the relationship between these two teens – shy, withdrawn Gill and tough-girl, Bobby – and their parents, who are everything each one of them doesn’t want to become. And honestly, at that age, who does want to grow up?
One of the film’s larger themes deals with bullying, which continues to be a huge problem in today’s society. After all, no matter how popular you were when you were teen, everyone in some way felt neglected and picked on – it’s just a part of growing up AND what makes me so excited to see this film. I wasn’t shoved into lockers in middle school, I swear.
Headed up by an ace film-making team, Breaking Glass went from conceptualization to principal photography within a year – a feat unheard of in the independent film world. However, when you have a good script and a great crew, you can’t fight the forward momentum of success. Zach Laliberte, who spoke about the film at a recent panel, wrote and directed, while Lysandra Petersson was the 1st Assistant Director and is also serving as the movie’s editor. Supported by Zan Gilles as the Director of Photography and Marshall Davis as the Sound Mixer, a crew made almost exclusively of four was able to create the amazing images you see in the footage above. I’m so excited to see it.

Currently on Kickstarer and raising funds to finish the post-production, I ask that everyone head over to their PAGE and contribute however you can because every little bit helps. Or just  share this blog post with all of your big-wig film financier friends because that works too. 

Make sure to check out the official Kickstarter page to see the first trailer for the film and share this post if YOU’VE ever been bullied in any way.


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